Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore mayor, says cops must be cautious with military equipment

WASHINGTON (AP) - Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says police have to be careful when using military-style equipment like that seen on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, in the past week.

Rawlings-Blake spoke Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press." She said it would be "very unusual" to use military equipment "against your own citizens." Rawlings-Blake noted her city's response to the Occupy Wall Street movement and said it had gone well because police were "judicious in the use of force."

Rawlings-Blake was also asked by moderator Andrea Mitchell about the racial makeup of the city's police force, which Mitchell said doesn't reflect a city that is more than 60 percent African-American. Rawlings-Blake says the city is "determined to get it right" and has made community members part of a promotion panel for police officers.