Stephan Pittman, alleged Vince Young impersonator, has scammed other women before

A man accused of defrauding a D.C. woman out of thousands of dollars while impersonating NFL quarterback Vince Young is expected to be in court today.

Stephan Pittman{ }is set to appear in court Thursday. ABC7 News has learned that he claimed to be a pro basketball player in Texas.

The 33-year-old Fort Washington resident was arrested after being accused of posing at Young to scam money from people. He is currently awaiting extradition back to D.C. on fraud charges.

According to court documents, Pittman convinced a District woman that he was Young, a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. For a $5,000 donation to his foundation Pittman promised to give her a salary for three years and provide shoes and clothing to children in her community.

After giving him $2,500 in June, the woman claims never heard from him again. Pittman was arrested and charged with felony fraud last week.

The 33 year-old was busted in a similar scheme in Texas in 2009, claiming to be a professional basketball player.

According to Austin court records, Pittman told a woman "he played for the Houston Rockets and could take her to Las Vegas” – that is, after she gave him $2,000. He promised he would return the money later.

Police say he vanished with her money and was later charged and sentenced to six months in jail.

He was also convicted in a separate case of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old Texas woman. He did not serve jail time in this case.

Texas prosecutors say Pittman's legal troubles in D.C. are a violation of his probation. They've issued an arrest warrant for the registered sex offender.

"For this type of offense, a sexual assault, it's a second-degree felony, the range of punishment is as little as two years in prison to as much as 20 years in prison. It would be up to the judge at that sentencing hearing to determine the length of the sentence,” said Denton County prosecutor Jamie Beck.