Standing room only at DCPS assignment meeting

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The D.C. Public School system is looking at three proposals that would change the way they do student assignment. A meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss the issue. It was one of six meetings on school assignment, and Tuesday's was standing room only.

"There's a lot of people that are very unclear about what's happening," said Peter Hannagan, a parent. "And people are looking for some certainty so they can plan ahead."

Two of the three ideas would not guarantee a child placement in one neighborhood high or middle school. One of the three plans would
not guarantee placement in one neighborhood elementary school, but rather one of several schools in the general area where a student lives.

Claudia Oglialoro has been working to make her child's school more neighborhood-centric.

"This proposal really just trashed half the work that we've been doing," explained Oglialoro.

One of the three ideas would not use geography at all in determining where a student goes to high school, meaning a student could potentially be forced to go many miles away.

"It means that your child could end up going to school on the other side of town I guess," said Hannagan.

One of the other options would use geography to help determine where a student goes to high school but wouldn't guarantee any one school. The other option would guarantee one high school.

Although many parents who came to Tuesday night's meeting are happy with their neighborhood schools, DC's Deputy Mayor for Education says the city must also consider parents who don't like their local schools.

"We also recognize that families need to have options," said Abigail Smith, Deputy Mayor for Education.

Smith emphasized that no final decisions have been made.

"I hope that there's still some aspect of neighborhood schools," said Kim Elliot, a parent. 'Because I think it's great if the people that live in the same neighborhood can go to the same school."