Laurence Stewart arrested in Montana, bail set at $2M

The suspect accused of targeting a woman and two law enforcement officials in a series of pipe bomb incidents in Stafford County and Fredericksburg was arrested in Montana.

Authorities say Laurence Stewart II was taken into custody near Belt, Montana, which is east of Great Falls. Authorities say he threw pipe bombs at them from his vehicle while he led them on a car chase.

They say they eventually blew his tires using stop sticks. He then got out and ran with a gun.

Authorities say he was taken into custody without having fired at them.

Besides charges in Montana, in Virginia Stewart is facing a number of charges including three for attempted murder.

He allegedly set off three pipe bombs in two days in an effort to kill an ex-girlfriend who accused him of assault along with a Stafford County detective and deputy who had been involved in arresting him.

Stewart is accused of detonating the three pipe bombs starting on Tuesday. Firefighters responded to a report of an explosion on the 3100 block of Normandy Avenue in Stafford County around 4 a.m. that morning. A woman at the home was able to get out safely.

Three rooms were damaged, windows were shattered and a hole was blown in the roof.

Police believe a homemade pipe bomb was thrown onto the rear of the home.

A neighbor told WJLA a sheriff's deputy used to live in the home but had moved out about two years ago.

The next morning just after 4:30 a.m., deputies responded to an address in the Kings Grant subdivision in Fredericksburg for a report of an explosion. They believe another homemade pipe bomb was thrown outside of the home. No one inside was injured, but the home was damaged.

About an hour later, another homemade pipe bomb was thrown onto the rear of where the ex-girlfriend lives in the Country Ridge subdivision. Again, no one was injured, but the home was damaged.

The homes were apparently targeted because of Stewart's previous run-ins with the law. He was already wanted for indecent exposure and violating a protective order in a domestic violence case.

"Citizens are much safer tonight with Laurence Allen Stewart behind bars," Stafford County Sheriff Charles Jett said at a press conference Thursday night.

A website believed to belong to Stewart called "Revelations of our Lord" includes headlines like "The Tale of a Not Guilty Man. The website also says, "A corrupt system: I will not be a victim," and contains list of names of the people involved in the cases.

Stewart, a college graduate, also attended law school, In his "tale of a not guilty man," he defends himself against a domestic violence charge by his ex-girlfriend, touts angry and racist insults at the detective and deputies who arrested him and asks for money donations for his father.

Stewart also wrote, "with all of the lies and dirty dealings....I do not have a chance for justice. I might as well commit some crimes. If I am to be blamed for wrongdoing I should at least have some fun..."

Surveillance video shows police using heavy armored equipment to search a mobile home in Stafford County after the bombings. The Sheriff says agents were concerned it was booby trapped.

Neighbors say until this week Stewart's father lived in the mobile home, and Stafford himself had lived there until a few months ago.

The charges Stafford faces include two counts of attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer. On Friday, a judge in Great Falls set Stewart's bail at $2 million.