Stafford County tornado damages eight homes, downs trees

A trampoline gets lodged in a damaged tree in the wake of Thursday's tornado in Vienna.

A tornado spawned by Thursday's severe weather caused damage to several trees and homes in Stafford County, authorities say.

Stafford County Fire & Rescue units responded to the 100 block of Blossom Lane in Stafford after a power outage tripped an alarm at one station.

Responding rescuers found several damage with superficial damage and downed trees. No one was injured. Firefighters placed plastic on at least eight homes to prevent further damage.

The National Weather Service will visit the scene to survey further damage and collect more data.

In Vienna and other parts of Northern Virginia, storm damage was noticeable as well. Trees were toppled and debris was strewn about on Wickens Road in Vienna in the wake of the heavy wind and rain.

Meanwhile, An elementary school in New Kent County that had its roof damaged by a tornado has opened to students.

George Watkins Elementary School opened Friday morning following a tornado that struck the day before, damaging the school and at least a dozen homes.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Lyle Alexander says preliminary information shows the tornado had 95 mph winds and was 200 yards wide. Crews are still assessing whether there was a tornado in Louisa County, where a funnel cloud tore off the roof of a historic plantation house.

Nate Collins, executive director of instruction for New Kent County Schools, says crews worked on repairing the school's metal roof throughout the night. Aside from the roof, only two school windows were blown out during the storm.

New Kent County officials say more than twice as many homes were damaged by a tornado than they originally thought.

County officials surveyed the damage Friday, spotting about 30 homes that were damaged by the twister. Five of those homes were a complete loss.

After the storm hit on Thursday county officials said about a dozen homes were damaged.

Most of the damaged homes were in the Woodhaven Shores subdivision, which also was hit hard during Hurricane Irene.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.