Stafford County home invasion leaves suspects stabbed

Welch, 18, is still being sought by authorities. Photo: Stafford County Sheriff's Office

Three Stafford County teenagers are in custody after what officials say was an attempted home invasion early Tuesday morning, during which two of the three suspects were stabbed by the homeowner.

Stafford County Sheriff's officials say the home invasion happened just before 2 a.m. Tuesday in a home in the Widewater Village area of the county. Authorities say that two 16-year-old teens and another man, 18-year-old Terry Adolfo Welch, entered the home and held a man and his wife at knifepoint.

While physically restraining the woman, the husband was forced to walk around the house identifying valuable objects.

The man was assaulted several times as well during the one-hour long ordeal, officials say. At one point, the three suspects split up to comb through the house; at that point, authorities say that the man armed himself with a kitchen knife. He then went after the suspects.

During that struggle, the two teenagers were stabbed, at which point all three fled. The victim called 911, and shortly thereafter, one of the teens was found in the neighborhood and and taken to an area hospital, where he's still receiving treatment.

The second teenage victim ran home and was taken to the hospital for treatment by his mother. He was then released to Stafford County authorities.

The third suspect, Welch, turned himself in{ }at the Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities are also investigating whether or not these three suspects were involved in similar home invasions in the area, including one that happened in the same neighborhood in mid-May.