Stadium Club seized by D.C. over owner's tax debt

(WJLA) - The District of Columbia, for all intents and purposes, now owns a strip club, but it doesn't intend to for long.

The city seized the high-profile Stadium Club on Thursday in an attempt to recoup debt owed to the District by its owner, James Redding. D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue officials say that Redding owes the city more than $100,000 in taxes from one of his previous business ventures.

That business, the TruOrleans Restaurant and Gallery on H Street Northeast, was shut down in September. According to the Washington City Paper, the landlord of the property had once tried to evict Redding and his restaurant because he owed more than $40,000 in back rent and taxes.

District of Columbia law dictates a business owner is personally responsible for sales tax debt and allows for the city to seize assets in an attempt to recoup that debt.

The Washington Post reports that the city will likely now sell off assets inside the Stadium Club, including possibly the building on Queens Chapel Road that houses it, to make up for the delinquent tax revenue.