St. Mary's County hit with sudden snow

CALIFORNIA, Md. (WJLA) - California, Maryland hardly resembled its sunny, west coast namesake Tuesday night.

"I was in Staples for over an hour and I was surprised when I came out and there was snow on the car," said St. Mary's County resident Patricia Hunt.

Snow mixed with single-digit wind chill temperatures made for an unpleasant and potentially dangerous evening for drivers. Steve Dixon bought a brush and scraper just for the occasion:

"Figured I was going to need it to get out of the parking," he said.

Trucks were also on standby for hours, waiting for the precipitation to arrive. Crews jumped into action, hoping to prevent too much snow from sticking to roadways already frigid from days of bone-cold conditions.

The concern now is that crews won’t be able to keep up – especially on side streets – with these fast falling flakes.

"it's enough for people around here -- they're not used to it," explained Al Burton, who is just glad his employer has announced a two-hour delay for Wednesday morning.