St. Mary's County election results 2012

President of the United States100% precincts reporting

Barack Obama/Joe Biden D 41% Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan R 57% Gary Johnson/James Gray L 2% Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala G 1%

United States Senator100% precincts reporting

Ben Cardin D 38% Daniel John Bongino R 43% Dean Ahmad L 2% S. Rob Sobhani I 18%

United States Representative: District 5100% precincts reporting

Steny H. Hoyer D 52% Tony O'Donnell R 45% Arvin Vohra L 2% Bob Auerbach G 1%

Board of Education: At-Large100% precincts reporting

Marilyn Crosby 64% James Tomasic 36%

Board of Education: District 2100% precincts reporting

Cathy Allen 68% Jim Davis 32%

Board of Education: District 4100% precincts reporting

Joel Rose 28% Mary M. Washington 72%

Question 4Dream Act100% precincts reporting

For 47% Against 53%

Question 6Same-Sex Marriage100% precincts reporting

For 44% Against 56%

Question 7Gaming Expansion100% precincts reporting

For 58% Against 42%