Spring2Action encourages day of giving

Dozens of local charities are coming together to help the victims of the Boston bombings

At Alexandria's Holy Cow Burger, they're donating 25 cents to the charity of the customer's choice.

Owner Bill Blackburn said, "Several weeks before we opened, we decided we wanted to give back to the community in some way."

In just five moths, they've raise nearly 30,000 quarters - that's roughly $7,000 - for local charities.

"They pick the charity that corresponds with a number, and that's where their quarter goes. It's been a wild success," explained Blackburn.

But it doesn't end there.

Wednesday, Holy Cow Burger became the base for Spring2Action, a day of online giving for nearly 100 local charities.

John Porter, the executive director of Act of Alexandria, said, "Spring2Action is about raising the level and effectiveness of giving and engagement in our community. Alexandria is a very caring community, very involved."

So caring that many charities are sending five percent of their donations up the East Coast to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. They hope to raise $400,000 by midnight.

"Non-profits are always struggling to make ends meet and provide the services that they need to provide," Porter said.

Blackburn added, "There's more than just making cheeseburgers and making money and giving back to the community."

Click here for more information on Spring2Action.