Spring weather warms up D.C. area

The flowers are blooming, the sun is out and January is looking pretty good these days.

With predicted temperatures in the 60s, a Fairfax county golf course was a popular place to be.

“I've been playing in 40 something degree weather, so this is wonderful,” says golfer Carol Vann.

Along the banks of the Potomac, a day off of school meant a perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the unseasonable weather.

“It is nice with the kids being out with no jackets and they can burn off the energy and get some fresh air,” says Tiffany Staples, a parent who was feeding ducks with her children.

ABC7 senior meteorologist Bob Ryan says the milder than average winter is due in part to a La Nina weather pattern and a lack of cold air from the north.

“We've had very strong west to east jet pattern which tend to block that very cold air in the northwest territory of Canada and Alaska from coming into the United States,” Ryan says.

Regardless of the reason, people are loving it.

“This is absolutely unbelievable,” says one. “You don't want to waste a day like today!”