Spoon found in dog's belly

An X-ray of the spoon in Vincent's stomach. (Photos courtesy Laura-Chase McGehee for The Capital Newspaper)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - One omnivorous Maryland dog is lucky to be alive after he swallowed a spoon and it got stuck in his belly.

Laurie Neomany of Annapolis noticed last week that her beloved Labrador retriever, Vincent, wasn't eating and took him to the veterinarian. An X-ray found a 7-inch tablespoon had lodged in Vincent's stomach and perforated it.

Dr. W. Chase Coale III says the surgery was tough because Vincent's spleen and intestines were gathered around the hole and it's amazing that he's alive.

But the surgery to remove the spoon was successful and Vincent was back home the next day.

Neomany says the spoon wasn't hers, but it ended up costing her $2,500. Now she's considering punching a hole in it to wear as a pendant.