Spice resurfaces in Virginia with different chemical makeup

A form of synthetic marijuana that is banned in Virginia and several other states, and led to the expulsion of several students at the U.S. Naval Academy, has resurfaced.

The Washington Post reports that the chemists who create "spice," a blend of herbs and other compounds that, when smoked, provides users with a high similar to the one marijuana gives, have made subtle changes to the makeup of the product so that it gets around the ban.

Some people even say that the new "recipe" is even stronger than the old one.

In march, the Commonwealth criminalized the sale and use of the product that contains any mixture of the compounds typically found in spice. However, the new synthetic marijuana uses chemicals that aren't a part of the outright ban.

Over the first part of 2011, at least a dozen midshipmen were expelled from the Naval Academy in Annapolis for using spice.