D.C. speeding camera fines studied

If you have a few minutes to watch at one of the new portable cameras on the Southeast-Southwest freeway, you'll see a busy device. Every flash equals $125 or $150 for the D.C. treasury.

Complaints have grown about the traffic cameras to the point where two council members Tuesday convened a discussion, including players like{ } police and AAA, to suggest at least lower fines.

"These cameras are put in place where they're likely to speed or go over the limit, and then they're hit with this big fine,” Councilwoman Mary Cheh says.

Cheh formed the task force along with Councilmember Tommy Wells. The task force is scheduled to hold meetings this week. Cheh says the review process could take several months.

In defense, police said traffic fatalities in the city have plummeted. Speed was not a factor in any of the 11 this year. They then announced new automated programs to ticket stop sign runners.

D.C.'s Chief Financial Officer is projecting the city will bring in $80 million this year from the red light cameras alone.