Speed cameras in Prince George's aim to keep kids safe

Starting today, drivers going more than 12 miles over the posted 25 mph speed limit in school zones will get a warning in the mail.

In a month, they'll get slapped with a $40 ticket.

A speed camera on Allentown Road next to Tayac Elementary and Gourdine Middle School in Temple Hills is the first of 25 portable speed cameras that will pop up in Prince George’s County school zones by the end of the year.

The cameras will snap pictures from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. County officials say it's all in an effort to keep children safe.

Jerise Henry's nephew just started 8th grade at Gourdine. She says having the speed camera up and running today gives her a peace of mind

“I think it's very, very good they're doing that,” she said.

But some say having big brother in school zones is too invasive while others question the motive behind the cameras, which are expected to take in a projected $7.5 million for the next fiscal year.