Speed and potholes cause issues along Park Road

Speed and potholes cause issues along Park Road. (ABC7 photo)

Some people who live along Park Road in Northwest Washington said their block was more like an expressway than a residential street.

They said the stretch approaching Rock Creek Park was riddled with pot holes. They also said since there was a mile-and-a-half between crosswalks or stop signs, drivers tended to speed. Some veered into the oncoming lane to avoid the pot holes and the residents feared a major accident was inevitable.

Residents asked for speed humps, bumps, or speed cameras. It's a 25-mile-an-hour zone.

But they maintain the city had done little to nothing.

A spokesperson for D.C. Department of Transportation said the Department was waiting for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission to agree on possible solutions. She said then D-Dot would discuss a path forward with the recommended solutions.

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