Special student asked to prom in Centreville with help of RGIII

Photo courtesy of Van Applegate

(WJLA) - Centreville High School served as the backdrop on Thursday for a dramatic lacrosse playoff showdown. But the emotion of this night involved a student who can’t take the field, but remains admired for his determination.

Seventeen-year-old Juwaan Espinal, despite being non-verbal due to cerebral palsy, has a large circle of friends. And one of them did something extraordinary – to make him feel ordinary.

The people hiding behind this banner lured Juwaan to the game for a remarkable surprise. It reads: “I know I’m not as cool as RGIII, but will you go to the prom with me?”

Then, out popped the Washington Redskins’ star quarterback, who just happens to be Juwaan’s favorite player; the athlete came to help classmate Morgan Assel ask her friend the big question.

Juwaan of course said yes, and was thrilled to take selfie after selfie with one of his heroes.

"I'm just really excited and really grateful that RGIII came to help Juwaan. It just really means a lot that people are willing to do this for him because he is such a special person and he really deserves it,” said Assel, who is compassionate beyond her years.

Assel knows Juwaan well enough to know that a friend trapped in a body that doesn’t work so well just wants to be like everybody else.

"In a time that you see a lot of kids and negative stories about children and then you turn around and see something like this, it makes you feel good," said Juwaan's mother, Ibis Espinal.

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