Spate of cab robberies has drivers, police worried

After a spate of robberies targeting taxi drivers, D.C. police are turning to the public to help catch the perpetrators.

Eleven robberies and carjackings of cab drivers have taken place in the District this November. Police say the suspects work in groups of between two and four people, hailing cabs outside Metro stations.

“You can see it almost everywhere. Northeast, Southeast, even sometimes in Northwest. It's kind of very dangerous,” a cab driver said.

Police believe some of the incidents are connected.

Police consider the suspects armed and dangerous. If you see a cab with its emergency 911 beacon activated, you should contact police, they say.

“I feel bad for them it's a hard way to make a living and its dangerous sometimes,” said Ilene McDonough.

Wawa Mbatia, a native of Kenya who has driven a cab here for 15 years, says he is not scared.

“When my time comes, it's my time,” he said.

“God help us. That's all I can say,” said another cab driver, Berhana Haila.