Southeast D.C. church honors Trayvon Martin

Though Trayvon Martin was shot hundreds of miles from the District., in Sanford, Fla., one month ago, for a community in Southeast D.C., pain, frustration, and sadness linger.

Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ in Southwest D.C. invited worshipers to attend Sunday's services in jeans and hooded sweatshirts in honor of the Florida teen who was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in February.

"I was singing for injustice that happened to Trayvon," said Calvin Anderson, a member of the church.

"What we're trying to convey is that as a race of people{ }— that when something like this occurred with a young African-American — that any one of us could be subject to the same type of treatment," said Phil Portlock, member of the church's social justice ministry.