South Dakota Avenue neighbors complain of bus used by neighbor

Some neighbors along South Dakota Avenue in Northeast D.C. are upset about the bus their neighbor is using as an extension to his house.

"I would like to see the city remove that bus. It's an eyesore,” said Charles Soutamire, who owns the house at 4605 South Dakota Ave. His neighbor is keeping a shuttle bus in his backyard, Soutamire says. He says that makes it impossible for him to sell his house
next door.

Other neighbors allege the house is an illegal rooming house. David Jones, the homeowner, apologized to his neighbors when ABC7’s Sam Ford caught up with him

"I apologize to my neighbors that my house may not be in the best upkeep but that's my personal responsibility and choice,” he said.

He said he cleared the bus in the backyard with authorities. "Is it your personal vehicle, I say yes, he said you can purchase a bus, a dumptruck a tow truck,” Jones explains.

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs responded that "the bus can be parked there, it can't be used as a dwelling."

Jones said inspectors are aware of the bus, but have not looked into whether people were living it in. They did fine Jones $2,000 for a building he constructed without permits.

One neighbor calls it taxation without representation. "That's a good example of it. We pay taxes we're homeowners but we call and complain, nothing happens,” said Edward Underwood.