Sosefina Amoa accused of killing infant son

D.C. police on Wednesday arrested a 26-year-old woman in connection with the death of her infant.

Police arrested Sosefina Amoa and charged her with first degree murder for allegedly killing her infant son, who was brought to local hospital on Oct. 11.

Police say the killing occurred in the 4200 block of Harewood Road in northeast D.C. at the Little Sisters of the Poor, an elderly care facility.

Sources previously told ABC7 that the baby was born at the facility.

The medical examiner determined the cause of death was asphyxiation.

On Thursday, the Little Sisters of the Poor said they are praying for those involved in the killing.

"We all feel this is a very tragic situation. We are just praying for everyone involved. Now that it is in the hands of the legal system, we will not be providing any further comment," stated Sister Constance Veit in a statement.

Police say on October 5th, Amoa arrived at the nursing home from the island of Samoa.

According to the arrest warrant, she "began Religious Formation, which included religious classes, doctrine, and prayer life." She was considered a “postulant,” a person who wants to be admitted into a religious order. She later told police she didn't know she was pregnant.

Initially, Amoa allegedly told detectives "she heard the child cry for two to three minutes" and then nothing, so "she wrapped the child in Samoan garb, placed the child on her bed...remained in her room" until the next morning.

According to police, she told a sister the next morning, who found the newborn cold and stiff. So she wrapped him up and took him to the hospital in "a small black luggage bag."

Doctors at providence immediately called police.

According to the document, Amoa told police that she had given birth at the facility without anyone knowing. She said she was worried that someone would hear the infant crying, so she covered the baby’s mouth and nose with a wool garment, the document states.

When she removed the garment, the baby wasn’t breathing.

Bond for Amoa was set at $200,000.