Sophie Ferrara, AKA Nana Sophie, wants 5,000 Facebook friends for 102nd birthday

Sophie Ferrara and her granddaughter keep her friends updated several times a day. (Photo: Cecil Whig)

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{ }Facebook says that the average user has just under 140 friends.

Sophie Ferrara, called Nana Sophie, is celebrating her 102nd birthday on Saturday, and she has already smashed that number.

In fact, her goal for marking year 102 of her life is to get to 5,000 friends. The Chesapeake City, Md. resident and former employee of New York Telephone already has more than 2,500 friends.

She's even throwing a birthday party, to which all of her Facebook friends are invited.

Check out this video of Nana Sophie from the Cecil Whig, and if you're so inclined, you can add her on Facebook yourself.