Some Prince William County students must retake standardized tests

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

More than two dozen Prince William County students have been forced to retake standardized tests after several teachers were found to have given too much help to students during the examinations, the Washington Examiner reports.

Examiner education reporter Lisa Gartner says that the incidents, which a schools spokesman calls "overzealousness" on the part of five teachers, affects about 30 students.

The spokesman tells the Examiner that five teachers out of 5,400 in the school system will go through further training in test administration. The incidents, which ranged from allegations of teachers changing answers to others giving cues, happened at four elementary schools - Swans Creek, Elizabeth Vaughan, Kerrydale and Cedar Point - and at Woodbridge Middle School.

The allegations come just more than a month after test scores in classrooms at three District of Columbia schools were invalidated after teachers were found to have provided answers to some standardized test questions.