Some D.C. public schools will close

Vicky Nelson and Donnita Bennett are extremely concerned about the future of their children's neighborhood D.C. Elementary School.

These parents have boys in the third and fourth grade at a Northeast school. They've heard that a lack of enrollment and their school's standardized test scores may prompt it to close.

“It's a community school and all children should be able to attend their community school versus being bused and have transportation issues in getting to others schools,” says Donnita Bennet. “So this is where I choose to have my child.”

Northeast Washington's River Terrace Elementary School was the last school shut down in the District. Last year was its final academic year.

Then, back in 2008, the system shuttered 23 public schools.

Several D.C. Council members have been briefed on the plan, which will remain under wraps until Tuesday.

Typically the under-enrolled schools are in wards 4, 5, 7 and 8. That's where Cortney Austin's two children attend school.

“Where will they go from here? I'm not saying charter schools are bad. I don't want to put them in a charter school,” she says. “I want them to stay in Houston.”