Some complain search for missing dog has gone too far

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Some people in one D.C. neighborhood believe a woman’s obsession with finding her missing dog has reached extreme levels and now some of her neighbors are turning on her.

Havoc's picture is posted on lamp posts, traffic signs, telephone poles, and in bus shelters throughout the Spring Valley, Dalecarlia and Palisades neighborhoods.

“There’s a poster right there and there’s a poster right there, yes there are plenty of posters,” says Asta O’Donnell.

The word is out about Havoc, a 5-year-old mixed breed, and it’s because of the ubiquitous flyers, but it’s the flyers, visible at almost every turn, that have some residents upset.

Since Havoc went missing in November, his owner has mounted a sophisticated search. She created a website, a Facebook page, hired a dog tracking company from New Jersey and formed a network of hundreds of volunteers who go out regularly searching and putting up new flyers.

“There are a lot of them, but apparently she really wants to find her dog,” says Ali Keihn. “It has been a while, so who knows where Havoc is right now.”

Janet Mihalyfi says most calls she receives are supportive, but she’s starting to get nasty calls from people asking her to remove the signs and adds some people have started pulling the flyers down.

“It’s those posters that give me the most leads about where Havoc might be,” she says.

Mihalyfi says there was a Havoc sighting two days ago, but the dog is still missing.

Despite the complaints and the length of time he's been gone, Havoc’s owner says she is not going to stop looking for him and she has no plans to pull down the signs.