Obama administration pushes for better responses to campus sex assaults

(WJLA) - On Friday, the Obama administration continued its push for colleges and universities to do more to prevent sexual assaults, and to be more responsive to victims once those assaults occur.

A recent graduate of the University of Georgia named Laura Trejo gives her school high marks for how it handles sex assaults, and applauds the White House’s call for new measures – including victim advocates on campus.

Today’s hearing also dealt with the controversial Department of Education decision to reveal the names of colleges under investigation for their handling of sex assault cases: including in our region, Catholic University, Frostburg State, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Virginia.

Victim John Kelly says he might have chosen a different college if this information had been make public earlier:

“When i was raped, Tufts was still under investigation -- and I still didn't know."

Some critics question the DOE’s authority, but officials there note one option is to strip federal funding. They say the colleges being investigated might have done nothing wrong – but now have to prove that they are being responsive.