Social media helps return wedding ring to rightful owner

(WJLA) - Deserted baseball diamonds can be full of treasures. But what was found in this one in Fredericksburg was the start of a social media home run.

In between plays on this sandlot, Kevin Henry’s 11-year-old son Nate found a gold ban buried beneath the dirt. It was a needle-in-a-haystack find, a treasure that Nate dropped in his pocket. And what’s even richer is that the Henry family ultimately found the owner of that ring.

"It's awful losing your wedding ring. I think I lost mine a couple weeks after we were married and you really feel devastated by it," said Kevin.

Powered by personal anguish, Kevin Henry did what you do these days: he posted about it on Facebook. He wanted to make sure that the ring didn't end up in the wrong hands, so he held back one piece of information: the inscription on the inside, “Yours forever, Amy."

After 3,000 Facebook shares, this gold ring was back where it belonged.

"I'm just glad we did it. And we were able to get it back into their hands because these are big deals," said Kevin, pointing out his own ring.