Snow that never came leaves salty roads, questions

Crews prepared for snow, but it never came. Photo: Brad Bell/WJLA

The shift in weather that spared us from a snowy commute has led to another problem: salty roads.

The familiar white crystals are still all over area roadways. Walk around D.C. and you find traces of salt for the snow that never came. It's everywhere.

What looks like dust is salt, unused salt because it didn't snow in D.C.

City officials wouldn't tell us how much salt they used, but workers throughout the city were busy making sure streets were coated.

Our own experts say we're way below average when it comes to snow, fives inches below where we should be.

"We may have to wait to February or March until we get another chance for some snow storms," says ABC7's Alex Liggitt.

And ABC7's Hatzel Vela talks with people from California, New York, and Latvia to get their perspective on the lack of snow here.