Snow storms cause fatalities across region

(WJLA) - The Northeast just can’t seem to get a break, as another New England storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas, alongside whiteout conditions and high winds.

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"If this winter doesn't break, we're going to start running out -- and it's kind of a scary situation," says Mike McConnohie, Wisconsin plow operator.

Out west, two more skiers were found dead on Sunday, swept away in avalanches that have killed at least 10 in as many days. And seven more feet of snow are expected this week.

Another casualty of last week’s ice storm in Georgia is the iconic Eisenhower tree on the 17th hole at the Master’s in Augusta.

The Washington area is pretty much plowed out by now, but too many snow days meant school on President’s Day for a few local districts – including Fairfax County.