Snow plows finally reach Leesburg roads

LEESBURG, Va. (WJLA) - More than 24 hours into a storm that’s unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years, some streets in Leesburg remain untouched by town plows – including Ariel Drive where Jim Russell lives.

"It's inconvenient because the town was clear -- 'Do not drive until your street is plowed' -- and so everyone can go but we cannot," he says.

Crews must prioritize, and main thoroughfares come first. If you reside on a dead-end street, you may have to wait a while – unless you live near Pat McGlynn.

He used his pick-up truck to repeatedly stamp down the snow so he and his neighbors have a shot at getting to work on Friday.

"That's why I'm out here trying to create my own little drive," he says.

Only a few blocks away, Forrest Lee was doing the same thing – carving a path to civilization with his Jeep:

"We haven't had a plow through here yet. Hopefully it will be soon."

And wouldn’t you know it – soon after these stand-up neighbors called it a night, a Leesburg town plow showed up, proving that while your car may not be able to go very far in deep snow, a little patience goes a long way.