Snow piles in Va. force pedestrians to travel by street

CLARENDON, Va. (WJLA) - The problem is twofold – from sidewalks that haven’t been cleared to piles of snow on the corners, it’s the trickle-down effect of one whopping snowstorm. And either way, it means pedestrians are taking to the streets to get around.

"I walk down the middle of the street...right now I'm trying to do that safely and avoid cars, which is not easy to do," said Arlington resident John Schuster.

It is, in fact, quite dicey, and some pedestrians called it an adventure – albeit a dangerous one.

"You have to look out for cars because the snow comes out so far," said Nora O'Leary. "At the same time you're looking at your feet -- you don't want to step into a deep puddle, you don't want to slip on the ice."

And it puts drivers on the defense, especially when it gets dark.

"I almost hit one guy -- I remember he had bags in his hands," said Ed Robinson. "You've got to pay extra attention, but I try to drive five miles per hour, sometimes even slower."

Neighbors across the region are taking to cyberspace, asking their communities to clear the sidewalks next to their homes – all the way to the corners.

"If plowing the streets are a priority, then clearing the sidewalks should be a priority as well," explained Rachel Rosenberg.

And one more little piece of neighborly advice being handed out: Once your neighbor has cleared a space for their car, don’t even think about parking there!

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