Snow moves across the area, south of D.C.

Snow falls near Ladysmith, Va. Photo: Jay Korff/ABC7

ABC7's Richard Reeve reports from Fredericksburg.

A mid-February snowstorm Sunday began dumping a wintry mix first in Lynchburg, then Richmond, and finally Fredericksburg.

"Turn on the traction control, keep it in high gear, and just try to keep spaces", advised Fredericksburg driver Chris Lashway.

The storm rolled through the Fredericksburg- Stafford area around 5 p.m.

VDOT had plow crews gearing up as early as 6 a.m. About 350 salt and plow trucks are deployed statewide, each loaded with about 12 tons of salt and/or sand.

"With the temperature the way it is, we can run straight salt", says Stafford VDOT supervisor Keith Washington.

"As the temperature drops, you'll see us do a mix of sand and salt for traction and everything."

VDOT says major highways, like I-95, I-66, and the DC beltway will get priority road treatment.

Making sure roads are clear isn't cheap. A statewide weather event can cost $11-million dollars. But this storm, likely regional in nature, probably will not cost that much, a VDOT spokesperson says.

Lavonne Robinson, of Fredericksburg says she's staying home Sunday night.

"I stay off the roads when it snows," she says with a laugh. "I don't know how to drive (in it). I'm originally from Georgia."

Along the I-95 corridor, the precipitation varied from snow, to slush, to rain.

Marlon Ellis is spending his Sunday on a marathon road trip, from the Buffalo area to North Carolina.

He says sometimes it takes a storm or two to get his 'snow driver training'.

"Like any acclimation once or twice, you gotta be ready for it... we'll see what happens."