Snow may delay cherry blossoms by a day, says NPS

(WJLA) - Chiara Rich came to the Tidal Basin to get some shots of the cherry blossoms – but instead of those fluffy white blooms, she is shooting a different kind of white substance on these trees: snow!

“It's supposed to be spring...I think we are all a little bit tired -- it just doesn't seem to stop," she said.

In gardens across the metro area, there are worries about what this latest bout of winter weather will do to plants, flowers, and blossoms that are usually basking in the sun this time of year.

"The snow is not going to affect them; the most it will do is slow them down a day," said Brian Hall, spokesperson for the National Park Service.

The thick wet snow posed some problems for people getting around on Tuesday, and while the snowflakes were pretty, it’s getting an almost universal thumbs-down.

"Pretty of those days you want to stay in bed. It's a little frustrating, we should be able to be outside enjoying the patios out here, but that's not the case," said Arlington resident Aaron Goldstein.