Snow in D.C. area Monday

(Photo: Brianne Carter)

Washington turned into a winter wonderland Monday afternoon after snow flurries fluttered and some snow was seen sticking on the ground.

The snow started coming down midday and people living in most of the area saw what has been a rare sight so far this winter.

For many people, Monday's snow caught them a bit off-guard and few knew what to expect.

"I just thought it was going to be terrible," one person said.

From Stafford to Centreville to Bowie to Northwest D.C., the snow fell.

“I was thinking I was in Disneyland and wondering, are these soap flakes?” says Jean Perlman, an Arizona native. “But it was real snow; it was just so cool.”

The first snow of the season came on Halloween. There was a brief bout of snow last week on January 4.

ABC7’s Doug Hill writes that with surface temperatures and ground temperatures mostly above freezing, little if any accumulation is expected outside of grassy areas and coatings on trees and elevated surfaces.

The National Weather Service reported that the snow flurries would stop around 6 p.m. and accumulations would be less than a quarter of an inch, only on the grassy surface. The temperatures overnight will be in the upper 20's.

Drivers were worried that falling temperatures would turn wet roads into icy roads. Road crews are on stand-by just in case.