Snow, ice close schools, roads in Western Maryland

Garrett County, during a previous snowfall in an undated photo. (Photo: Barbara Michael)

Snow has been falling in Garrett County in Western Maryland on Friday.

Parts of I-68 were closed briefly overnight because of the ice. And because of the icy roads, they closed schools today.

The winter storm was just getting underway when ABC7's Roz Plater reported from Grantsville, but a thin layer of the white stuff was already blanketing lawns and side roads.

But as western Marylanders will tell you, this is fairly tame.

"This is not much snow yet," Don Moss says. "When it starts in Garrett County, it starts and don't stop until spring time."

"We have two seasons here," Earl Diehl says. "Winter and Fourth of July."

Garrett County had a major storm at the end of October. Superstorm Sandy dumped nearly three feet of snow and knocked out power for days.

"Some people lost power, others didn't, so they were the friends I visited," Ruth Yoder says. "I'm hoping it's not like that this time. Just a nice white Christmas."

Nothing like that is predicted this time around, but folks are keeping an eye out, especially on the major roads, where the ice and wind are already making driving a bit dicey.

So far, there have been only a handful of power outages.