Snow has some Virginia residents wishing for spring

Photo: Gary Anthes

The morning commute faced some tough challenges thanks to a round of snow that moved through at the peak of rush hour.

Spring seems far away in the Blue Ridge, Va.

“I thought it was already going to be summer, you know,” says Larry Jenkins of Bluemont.

It wasn’t a major snowfall, but the chill, fog and bitter wind are reminders winter has not lost its grip.

“It’s inconvenient more than I don’t like it,” says Candy Kleffman of Stephens City.

“The last snow we had 20 inches on top. I am so looking forward to spring,” says Jenkins.

David Nalls, who owns a farm market along Route 7, is also ready for spring.

“Mother Nature is our biggest obstacle,” he says.

They always open the second week in March and every year is a guessing game.

“Last year this same week we have 70 degree weather all week long. People were buying flowers. Nobody’s buying flowers today.”

Winchester had slushy streets, snow-covered tree buds and empty outdoor seating.

“It’s fun to look at,” says Candy Kleffman. “It’s kind of a pain if you have to be at work and everybody else is off work.”

Even the statue of a young George Washington appears to be asking ‘Is it spring yet?’”

“It’s a lot better than being at school,” says Taylor Stiles, a senior at Clarke County High School.

Stiles says he’s ready for spring, too.

“We plow some over in Loudoun County for VDOT and it’s been a rough year for plowing the snow,” he says.

“It’s wet so it’s short-lived. It’ll be gone,” says Dottie Mears of North Carolina.

By Wednesday, it’s hello spring and maybe goodbye snow.

"You just got to take what Mother Nature gives you,” says Nalls.