Snow frustrations grow with latest batch of winter weather

CENTREVILLE, Va. (WJLA) - For six out of the past seven weeks, people across the region have had to deal with snow, ice, or extreme cold. Many say they're fed up with Old Man Winter.

Laveta Mckinney would like to be able to walk to and from her bus without her umbrella and snow boots. Jaimar Staples is also feeling a little winter weather weary. He say's the non-stop snow is just inconvenient.

Winter's grip on the region has also kept Matt Knolle and his crew busy. He says Wednesday is the fifth time they've had to scrape and shovel his forty acre apartment complex.

"This year's been a little worse," said Knolle. "But it is more of an inconvenience for the residents."

Many brushed off their cars Wednesday morning, trying to think warm thoughts and knowing there's still about a month of winter left.

Meanwhile in Waldorf, with the heavy snow falling and roads wet and gridlocked, perhaps Pamela Rhodes best describes our collective reaction: “Ugggh!”

"Ugggh" is right, as the timing of today’s dusting made for extremely long commutes.

"The roads are really disgusting -- people are trying to get to work and school at the same time and it's created a logjam," said Cory Maiorana.

"It's bumper-to-bumper all the way. Miserable," added Andrew Nahum.

School districts had decisions to make, and all but Garrett County decided not to delay or close for the day. In Montgomery County, this touched off a slew of Twitter complaints with photos of mishaps like a car on its side on Georgia Avenue, and this slow speed pile-up near Churchill High School in Potomac.

A school spokesman says a delay would have done no good, and it just wasn’t bad enough to close. And though you can see that none of the snow stuck to the pavement, but as Doug Hill predicted, there were in fact one to three inches of snow.

Earlier on in the winter, we asked people their thoughts on the weather. With the snow falling, they said it was so pretty and that they liked the snow.

But nbody is saying that now.

"I'm done with it. It's cold. It's not fun to work in. It's not fun to drive in or deal with," said Waldorf resident William Frasher.