Snow day waiver for Montgomery County schools denied by state superintendent

MARYLAND (WJLA) - The waiver Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) applied for from the state that would allow the district to be in school less than 180 days this year due to inclement weather has been denied.

This means the school year will likely be extended.

Montgomery County has used 10 snow days so far this year, which is six more than had been built in to the calendar.

Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Lillian Lowery did say, though, that she would consider a modified request if MCPS agreed to make up more of the instructional time that was lost this school year due to inclement weather.

MCPS Superintendent Joshua P. Starr said he will consult with the Board of Education to consider other options before deciding whether to submit a modified waiver request.

Starr said a decision about whether to submit such a request would be made early this week, and that he has been told the state would respond quickly.

In a statement Monday, MCPS said once officials know how many days of instruction it will have to make up, parents, students, staff, and community members will be notified of any changes to the calendar.

On March 25, the Maryland State Board of Education gave Dr. Lowery the authority to grant a waiver that would allow districts to go up to five days below the 180-day minimum. MCPS applied for a waiver under which one of the six snow days would be made up and five would be waived.