Sniper victims remembered at candlelight vigil in Gaithersburg

Ten years after the serial sniper attacks, family and friends of the loved ones gunned down by John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo held vigil to remember the three weeks of terror in our region.

Hundreds took part in a candlelight vigil in Gaithersburg tonight.

Victims' family members and friends gathered Thursday night to mark a decade's passage since a veil of fear paralyzed the Mid-Atlantic.

Muhammad and Malvo unleashed a three-week killing spree in October of 2002 that resulted in 10 deaths.

Andrew Walekar's father was shot and killed while pumping gas in Aspen Hill.

"My father is looking down from the heavens right now," says Walekar.

"things have gotten better over time. because you deal with it. you have to move on. never forget."

Ken Columbia's dear friend James Martin was the first area victim, gunned down in a Wheaton parking lot.

"It was necessary to relive and share with these people the healing that needs to go on and will continue to go in my life every time i think about my best friend," Columbia says.

The passage of time dims, but never fully heals, the pain of that dark October.

But on this night, the bonds of faith and hope are proving far stronger than the echoes of depravity.