Smithsonian crowds near record numbers for the week

The official numbers aren't in yet but some are wondering if this week in D.C. will set records.

Long lines of tourists can be seen outside most of the area's biggest attractions.

And the National Zoo reached capacity early on Wednesday and officials were forced to shut down because of overflowing crowds.

Spring break, beautiful weather, and high gas prices are all adding to huge crowds witnessed at area attractions.

But the museums and other attractions may be seeing larger crowds because the cherry blossoms departed earlier than expected.

The lines are everywhere from the National Archives to the Museum of Natural History to the Panda House at the zoo.

The Museum of American History hit the 23,000 mark in one day this week.

This is the end of spring break for some schools and the beginning for others, so expect the crowds to continue through the weekend.

The Smithsonian will tabulate numbers at the end of the two-week period. Then we'll know if we hit record numbers.