Slick: PGPD's new bomb dog served in Afghanistan

Cpl. Scott Allen is Slick's new partner in PGPD's explosives division.

Slick, a former Marine K-9 who served two tours in Afghanistan, has joined the Prince George's County Police as a bomb dog.

Cpl. Scott Allen is Slick's new partner in the police department's explosives division.

The five-year old black lab has the energy and affection of a puppy. Slick survived two attacks while overseas. One left him with an eye injury.

Now, Slick is back working as a bomb dog. Allen says Slick's experience sniffing out IED's is invaluable.

"You never know what you're going to encounter," Allen says. "So, to have him on our side, with what he can do, is a huge benefit."

And after work, Slick is part of the family, Allen says.

"He definitely needs affection, he likes to be near you, he looks for you. he's an all around great dog," Allen says.

Allen and Slick will spend the next ten weeks together in a training school, forming an unshakeable bond.