Slain Maryland trooper memorialized

On the 19th panel, down the 27th line, the fourth name over, you’ll find the newest addition to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Trooper Wesley Brown, a Maryland State Trooper for three years, was gunned down outside an Applebee's in Forestville while working his side job as a security officer last year.

On Wednesday, he took his place in history alongside other officers slain in the line of duty.

“When I really hear his name and then when I see his name on the wall, it really is a reality that you know that he's gone,” said Patricia Bell, Brown’s mother.

Family members who attended the ceremony said the days aren’t getting any easier.

“It’s hard, it’s definitely hard especially just seeing other officers in uniform,” said Janet Brown, his sister.

In 2007, Brown started a mentorship program for at-risk youth. He was working that extra security shift to raise money to take teens on field trips. Shaquille Jones, one of those in the program, said it was common for Brown to quietly pay for his cell phone bill. He never wanted public praise, he said.

“It crushed me, some nights I still cry,” Jones said. “It hurt real bad, it was losing a best friend, he was more than a brother, he was a best friend.”

Immortalized on a wall among men, Brown’s mother said she still sees a kid.

“I'm just so blessed, to have a son, and so honored to have a son like Wesley, and he will always be my baby boy,” she said.