Sky Express crash caused by driver fatigue, lack of oversight

The Sky Express bus crash killed four people in May of 2011. Photo: Associated Press

Driver fatigue and a lack of oversight are being blamed for a bus crash in central Virginia that killed four people and injured dozens more in May of 2011.

In a report released by the National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday, the agency said that Sky Express, the operator of the bus that flipped over on I-95 in late May of 2011, had no regard for passenger safety.

The driver of the bus, Kin Yiu Cheung, admitted to falling asleep at the wheel before his bus, which was headed for New York from North Carolina, overturned in Caroline County.

Cheung and the bus dispatcher involved in the crash are set to go on trial later this year on charges of involuntary manslaughter. Federal authorities took Sky Express buses off the road in the wake of the crash.