Sketch of child sex assault suspect released

Authorities say this man sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl in Upper marlboro.

Police now believe they have a face to accompany the heinous crime that robbed a child and her community of their innocence. They released a sketch Tuesday of a man who sexually assaulted a 7-year-old at gun point on June 22 in Upper Marlboro.

Residents at the Woods of Marlton apartments say two weeks ago, even on a cloudy day, plenty of kids would be playing outside, but not anymore.

“It’s kind of scary that your kids can’t go out and play freely the way they want to,” says Aliese Blunt.

Parents say they’re keeping their kids indoors and when they go outside, they hold them very close.

“I feel this is not really safe right now.”

Police say the child was playing on her scooter with friends around 3 p.m. when a man forced her into the woods at gun point and sexually assaulted her.

The sketch is based on the young victim's description.

“The suspect has a lot of distinct characteristics so we’re hoping by releasing the composite sketch that it jobs someone’s memory," says Officer Harry Bond of the Prince George's County Police Department.

The most distinguishing characteristics – a pointed salt and pepper goatee and a pierced tongue.

Last week the young girl's mother told ABC7 the sick crime has stolen her daughter's innocence.

"She's distraught. She just wants to be a kid again."

A cash reward is offered for information on this case.