Skeletal remains found in Hillcrest Heights

The area where the remains were discovered. (Photo: Horace Holmes)

A spooky place. That's what neighborhood kids call a wooded area at the end of the path behind the quiet, neatly kept Hillcrest Heights community.

According to police and neighbors, it was a couple of children playing Monday morning who discovered skeletal remains.

The remains were so badly decomposed they couldn't tell whether the skeleton was human or not. Behind the woods is an apartment complex and the Hillcrest Heights Middle School.

Neighbors are surprised and shocked about what the kids found.

“Because it's so in the cut it's like out of sight out of mind back,” says Sherrod Wilkins. “That's a little weird that's what they found back there.”

Doc Shields has lived here for 17 years. He says he and his neighbors have always kept a close eye on who comes into this cul de sac.

“Anytime people drive back there? We go back and look,” Shields says. “People don't just come back there. There's no reason.”