Police: Suspect arrested, charged in NW gang shootings Saturday

People come to the aid of a victim in Saturday's gang shootings in Northwest. From: YouTube video

Police say rival gangs caused the commotion at the Caribbean Carnival parade that was caught on video and posted on YouTube. One man was killed an three others wounded in a shooting near the festival on Saturday, June 25.

The gangs brawled on Georgia Avenue in front of Howard University as hundreds watched after Saturday's parade. No one pulled guns or knives during this incident, as they did a few blocks up Georgia Avenue where a man was killed and three others wounded in a gang-related shooting.

One merchant said the violence is threatening the future of the parade. "I mean we used to have Georgia Avenue day but we no longer have that because of the violence," said Kent Gilmore.

The organizers of the Caribbean festival who have had nearly two decades of success are trying to counter the impression that the violence was related to their event.

"It has no reflection on what we do or what we have successfully done of the last 19 years,” said Roland Barnes of the Caribbean Carnival. Officials have also stressed that the shootings seem to be unrelated to the carnival.

Suspect in shootings arrested

In a press conference late Monday morning, police said they arrested a suspect in the shootings between two rival gangs that killed a bystander Saturday.

Terry Jiminez, a D.C. native recently living in Buffalo, New York, was arrested Sunday and has been charged with the murder of Robert Foster, Jr. Jiminez was also shot and treated at a hospital.

Lanier says police are still looking for more suspects, and they know who they are. She urged them to turn themselves in.

Lanier confirms that Jiminez "was present" during an earlier homicide in the city, but wouldn't confirm it was the Lucki Pannell shooting in February, as Councilmember Jim Graham told ABC7 Sunday.

Even though Jiminez's latest address is in Buffalo, he is a D.C. native and has lived in the 11th Street area.

Police and city council members have emphasized that the shootings apparently had nothing to do with the D.C. Caribbean Carnival Parade that had passed nearby earlier in the day.

Graham: Same gang member was target in 2 innocent deaths

YouTube video shows a chaotic scene at Gresham Place. Police pushing people back -- the wounded being treated on the ground.

Taylor Hill was working at a nearby restaurant, and heard the commotion. "After the first shot, there was way too much commotion to make out the other shots", Hill says.

Amid the gunfire, 43-year old Robert Foster, Jr. was fatally wounded.

Anita Foster, his mother, says "I don't understand the violence. I don't know the purpose. I've always been anti-gun."

It was a hail of gunfire, at least 20 shots, police say, from two different weapons. One gun has been recovered.

Besides Foster, three other people were gunned down.

"My information is that there was a very specific target," says Ward One D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham.

He says this was not a random shooting, that law enforcement sources are telling him a well-known gang member was among those wounded.

"We believe he (the gang member) was the target, and an innocent person died," Graham says.

The councilman says the same gang-member was at an earlier shooting scene back in February, on Sherman Avenue, NW. 18-year old Lucki Pannell, an innocent bystander, was killed in the gunfire.

Graham sees a frightening trend. "This is the second time this has happened," Graham says. "Two innocent dead, and again, we find this person at the middle of it, and we have reason to believe he's the actual target."

Police wouldn’t comment on Graham's allegations.

They continue collecting evidence, including a possible connection to a wrecked Mercury found in an alley off Harvard Street, and 20 shell casings left on the street.

In the wake of all of this, a possible targeted shooting, gang-related, that took a man's life. The Fosters want answers.

Anita Mosley says "They were shooting at this man, and shot three innocent people at the same time."

Forster's sister Rachelle, is angry at the people behind these targeted shootings.
"I think they're not different than wild dogs," says Rachelle Ajet-Nasam. "I want them to see justice, they should pay for their crime."

ABC7 News is not naming the gang member. So far authorities have not confirmed his identity. Graham says his sources say the man was most recently supposed to be in New York State, under watch by a law enforcement supervision program there.

He wants to know if D.C. police knew of his whereabouts, and if he was legally allowed to be on the streets.

Police ID man killed in shootings near Caribbean Carnival

Shots were fired about 5 p.m. in the 700 block of Gresham Place Northwest. Two men and one woman were wounded there.

Sunday afternoon, police identified the man who died as 43 year-old Robert Foster Jr. of Northwest in Washington.

The other shooting victims were two men and a woman, authorities said.

Given the heavy police presence, D.C. Council member Jim Graham said "it is unbelievable that this could happen."

Police also say shots and a stabbing took place just blocks away in the 700 block of Columbia Road, NW.