Six Flags brings the Apocalypse, a stand-up roller coaster

ABC7's Ben Eisler, left, shows his calm, collected demeanor on The Apocalypse. Photo: ABC7

WATCH: ABC7's Ben Eisler takes a ride on the Apocalypse and survives to talk about it.

Thrill seekers throughout the region have something new to look forward to this summer.

Six Flags in Largo just opened its first new roller coaster in more than a decade today--the Apocalypse.

Six Flags has had a bumpy ride in recent years. Not long ago the company emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Today, it hopes this end of the roller coaster can help it forge a new beginning.

"It goes up 10 stories...drops 90 feet. you go through two double loops, fireball comes up. it's a really cool ride," says a Six Flags spokesperson.

If you want to survive the's your chance.

It's a 55 mph trip, standing up.

But as for whether or not it will help change the fortunes of Six Flags, there was one clue: it certainly had a knack for turning anticipation into enthusiasm.

"The rush you get at the top, it was really fun, the special effects were so cool," says Jacob Lebowitz an Annapolis resident.

The Apocalypse lasts for about two minutes. It's the first stand-up roller coaster in Maryland's only theme park.