Siobhan Lee, Alexander Buckley met through social media site, police say

New details are emerging about the sequence of events that led to the death of a Maryland teenager.

The murder of Siohban Lee came as a shock to her Prince George's County family. The recent high school graduate was found Jan. 25 near the intersection of 5th and Nicholson streets NW with a gunshot wound to the head.

Investigators released new details in her death Monday that point to a website, where some people log-in searching for sex.

Lee lived in Takoma Park and worked two jobs in downtown Silver Spring; no one could figure out how she ended up in Northwest D.C. just before 3:30 a.m. Investigators believe she was visiting someone she met through a social media site.

Court records reveal the 18-yearold told a friend several days before she was planning to meet with a man she met on Facebook.

Investigators didn't have a name, but they knew her iPhone was missing. They tracked the phone to an apartment building on Kennedy Street, where they found and questioned 21-year-old Alexander Buckley. Eventually, he directed police to the bedroom closet and retrieved an iPhone from a shoe. They also found a 9-mm handgun in the apartment.

According to court documents, Buckley changed his story several times, but he finally told investigators he connected with Lee via a social media app called "Tagged." He told them he wanted to meet up with her to have sex. He did not admit shooting her, but he is charged in her murder.

Lee's friends still can't understand why.

Anwi Tabrey said, "You don't know just met her...what could she have possibly done to you?"

Buckley of Northwest is facing a first degree murder charge. He will next appear in court Feb. 8.