Silver Spring Transit Center hit with further delays

Already two years behind schedule, the Silver Spring Transit Center is facing yet another delay. And this time, officials are blaming the weather.

They say the average November low temperature is 36 degrees, too cold to fix certain parts of the concrete structure.

Designed as a three-level train and bus transfer station, the building is structurally unsound, millions of dollars over-budget, and now postponed another six months.

The latest round of bad news came in a two-page letter (below) addressed to County Executive Ike Leggett and Council President Nancy Navarro.

While crews are making headway on fixing support beams, the foreman has halted deck surface repairs.

The garage pavement is now consistently below 40 degrees, far too cold to lay special latex concrete to fix structural deficiencies.

"Beating the weather window has been a concern," the letter reads. "It now appears that this window is closed."

After five years of construction, delays, and structural problems, the county now says work should be complete by June, barring no more road-blocks.

Crews will continue to repair other items, like support beams, throughout the winter.

And by early April, it should be warm enough to lay that latex concrete.

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SSTC - Progress Update on Remediation 11-05-2013 by kihara73