Silver Spring speed cameras knocked down by vandals

County crews in Silver Spring were busy re-installing two speed cameras Monday that had been knocked down by vandals over the weekend. Soon, the cameras were busy too, snapping pictures of speeders.

The speed cameras, located on both sides of 16th Street, were installed earlier this year to slow motorists down and make it easier for pedestrians at nearby homes and apartments.

"Without those speed cameras, it's difficult to get across the street," said Gina Friese, who lives in the area. "The traffic is really fast."

But not everyone is a fan of the speed cameras.

Driver Marciel Arias exclaimed, "I hate that camera. I already have three tickets."

"I would want to knock them over," added motorist Deandre Coleman.

This weekend, someone actually did knock over the cameras, which is not an easy task as both are bolted to the ground.

"When I saw that I said, 'No wind is strong enough to knock that down,'" resident Dawn Mabery recalled. "I knew someone physically had to do that."

Some drivers who live in the area are in solidarity with the vandals. There's only one small sign warning the camera are there. And some who know about the cameras still manage to get tickets for going over the 35 mph speed limit.

David Hansen, who drives through the area, said, "You are trying to reduce the speed, but you have to make it known to the public. I can understand why someone would want to knock it over, because who wants a $40 ticket?"